Lamest Startups



eskimo brothers

Always wondered who else have been in your girl’s igloo? Use Eskimo Brothers to find out!



Measure your real-time influence using the blout unit (simple, 7 minutes installation) and test your charisma on real audience!



A social threat network where you can share your friends secrets, revealing it little by little until they pay you to stop.



Update guest lists and select the DJ for the most important event of your death. This time, it IS over your dead body.



The social network for your imaginary friends. So you’ll never loose touch with the voices in your head.


QR puzzle

This QR puzzle challenge will keep your kids busy for at least 5 years. order from amazon now!


Minority desktop cleaner

Choose your favorite minority to clean your desktop!  



watch your favorite porn while listening to great ted ideas!



upload photos and videos and connect with your friends and family. This is notfacebook.


Digital eco recycle bin

For all of you ecological twats out there who want to go the extra mile.